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Sam Angelo


Sam Angelo the Wyoming Wood Turner
Sam Angelo
Artist's Statement

The most important point in the creation of my work is the moment just before a project begins. Whatever skill, experience, and design capabilities I have, now come into play as I take the first step toward making a piece. Once the direction is set, I move forward with my initial intentions and make changes when necessary.

A particular painting may not be beautiful to everyone. But that same painting will elicit a reaction: an emotion, an opinion or criticism, or an idea that will be a seed for more art. As artists, we are influenced by the creativity of others. I am careful not to allow this same influence to restrict or set limits on my work.

My current interests include hand chasing threads and coloring wood. I often combine these two disciplines while making a hollow form with a threaded lid and finial. My focus continues to move away from untouched natural wood and toward adding color, applying a sprayed and buffed, lacquered finish or applying a secondary wood as an accent.

Sam Angelo




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