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Wyoming Wood Turner Sam Angelo
Sam Angelo 

Utility - Decorative - Natural Edge

For thousands of years wood has been used to make plates, bowls, cups and even vessels that hold dairy products—safely.

Research has concluded recently that bacteria cannot live long on the surface of wood when cared for properly:
WOOD CARE).   The pieces you find here have been sealed and finished with food safe products.  They make great  salad bowls but can also be used to prepare and serve other menu items. Sam Angelo Wood Turned work on Etsy

The best precaution for your wooden bowl is to wash it promptly, scrub it if necessary, dry it and store it out of direct heat and sunlight.


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Additional Options

Natural Edge Box Elder Burl Bowl
Natural Edge Box Elder Burl Bowl
12 inch by 4 inch  
21 II




Wood turned box elder burl bowl
Natural Edge Box Elder Burl Bowl
18 inch by 3 inch  
23 II


Wood box elder bowl for display

Box Elder Burl Bowl

11 ¾” wide by 3 ¼” tall
This piece is a reminder that the wood was milled very close to the bark. It has remnants of bark inclusions, knots, and imperfections still evident. This bowl would make a good centerpiece for any coffee table.
   (I 52)


Small walnut wood turned bowl

Small Walnut Bowl

7 ¼” across
This piece was painted with a metal reactive paint. The paint contains metal powder that reacts unpredictably when sprayed with a solution. The result is often reminiscent of rusted or tarnished metal.  
 (I 64)