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Wood turning classes by Sam Angelo
Sam Angelo ~ Worland, Wyoming


Woodturning Classes
With Sam Angelo

Available Wood Lathes
  • Powermatic 3520

  • Oneway 1224

  • Jet JWL-1221VS

  • Delta 16" Steel Bed.

    Fee Structure:
        FOR 1-2 or 3 PERSON CLASS:

  • Daily rate $180 per person (6 hour day)
    9:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.   1:00 p.m. - 4:00 p.m.

  • Hourly rate for part of a day: $30.00 per hour

Class Size limit-3
Lunch Provided
$75.00 Non-refundable deposity may be required


Cost of Materials: To be determined at time of the class according to projects covered.

Wood turning Classes can be customized to fit your skill level, the types of pieces you would like to turn and the time you would like to commit to a class.

Introduction to Turning:

A beginning course covering the basics of woodturning on the lathe. The participant is expected to have little or no experience using a lathe. Topics to be covered will include safety, tool basics (including sharpening), cutting techniques, “chucking” wood to the lathe, operation of the wood lathe and the completion of several small projects. Assumes little or NO basic understanding of lathe.

Intermediate Woodturning:

A class that is a step up which will challenge your skills and offer more advanced projects.


Menu of Possible topics

Basic Bowl Turning- Basics of green wood bowl turning: incorporating all steps from 'reading the wood (grain) to drying techniques, re-chucking, and finish cuts. Participants will have a finished bowl or two to take home. Assumes basic understanding and some experience on the lathe.

Small Projects- Projects such as twig pots, bottle stoppers, Christmas tree ornaments,
The participants in the class will complete 3-4 Projects (or more).

  • Faceplate pieces—small cutting board, bowl. plate

  • End grain-lidded box, eggcup, scoop, pen or pencil

Bowl Design - Introduction to open, closed bowls, bowl bottoms- (both footed and non-footed styles) and finishing techniques. . Prerequisites-Assumes basic skills in bowl turning.

Green Wood Bowl - Turning wood wet. Assumes basic skills in bowl turning.

Bark Edge Bowls - Turning specialty bark-edged bowls; Design, bark-edge care, wall thickness and finishing and sanding techniques covered. A bark edge bowl should be completed in this class. Assumes intermediate skills in bowl turning.

Finishing on the lathe: Oils, Shellac, Lacquer, friction polishes, coloring wood, waxing, wood preparation and more.

Design: This topic could be a one or two day class or part of traditional turning class.

I invite you to explore form, texture, color, and to challenge the growth of your own untapped self-expression. Venture outside your comfort zone and reach beyond your current skill level.

Keeping in mind the idea that art is intentional; design suggests a goal you set out to achieve in your work. That may be something as simple as creating a pleasing form, or using a more advanced technique such as hand-chasing threads.

Please note: This class requires at least an intermediate skill level in woodturning. The purpose for studying design is to learn about, and put to use, advanced elements in design: not to teach or practice basic woodturning skills.


Woodturning Classes
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