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Wood turning classes by Sam Angelo
Sam Angelo


Woodturning Classes
With Sam Angelo


For questions on classes contact Sam at samandcheryle@gmail.com: cell 307-431-5395-Billings, Mt

Lathes available for classes

• Robust Sweet 16 lathe (Swing is adjustable to 32 inches)
• Robust Scout lathe-14 inch swing (height can be adjusted to a seated turning position)
• Jet Midi lathe 1221 VS
• Robust American Beauty

“I am now a Robust Lathe dealer. Please contact me if you have any questions.” *One full, 6 hour day of instruction will be provided as a bonus for anyone who purchases a Robust Lathe from me.

Fee Structure and general information


• Cost for woodturning classes will be based on an hourly rate of $30
             o Schedule a class by the hour (s) you choose
             o Or by one full day or multiple days
• Daily rate $180 per person (6 hour day)

Cost of Materials:

• Wood for rough-turning bowls (green wood) and other basic projects will be provided.
• Dry Bowl blanks ready for completion will be available for purchase
• Materials for some projects will be available at cost, for example: pen kits and pen blanks, or
   exotic woods for thread chasing and other projects.

Custom Classes can be designed on thread chasing, hollowing, coloring-texturing-
  embellishing, or on a topic you select. Cost will be based on my prep time and cost of
Special Note on class fees: For any student who has completed 18 hours or 3 full
  days of instruction, the $30 per hour rate will be reduced to $20 per hour for any
  further lessons.

- Lunch provided each day.
- 3 student Maximum in any class
- Hours: 9:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m. 1:00 p.m. - 4:00 p.m.
- Motel accommodations/directions: ask

Introduction to woodturning is a beginning course covering the basics of woodturning on the lathe. Students will be provided the proper foundation for further exploration in turning. No prior experience using a lathe is required. Topics to be covered will include safety, tool basics including sharpening, cutting techniques, “chucking” wood to the lathe, operation of the wood lathe and the completion of several small projects.

Intermediate/advanced Woodturning: Woodturners with experience beyond a basic introductory level should consider challenging their skills with advanced turning techniques and projects. Topics and projects for this class will be determined by the instructor in collaboration with students.

Menu of Possible topics

Length of classes will vary from 1 to 3 days

Basic Bowl Turning- Covers the proper steps for turning a cross-grain bowl.

Basics of green wood bowl turning: incorporating all steps from understanding grain, milling a bowl from a log, drying techniques, re-chucking, and finishing cuts. Participants will have a finished bowl or two to take home. Assumes some woodturning experience on the lathe.

Turning Bark Edge or Natural edge Bowls will cover approaches for turning a bark-edge bowl, green turning vs. finish-turning, sanding and applying a finish. A bark edge bowl will be completed in this class. Assumes intermediate skills in bowl turning.

Small Projects- Projects such as twig pots, pens, bottle stoppers, and Christmas tree ornaments will be covered in this class.

• Possible topics based on grain orientation:
        o Faceplate or “cross-grain” pieces—small cutting board, bowl-Plate or platter
        o End grain-lidded box, eggcup, scoop, pen or pencil

Design –A discussion on the Golden Mean and Fibbonachi’s contribution to what is considered “pleasing to the eye” is a good place to start. Students will participate in activities that will challenge their own understanding of form versus function. Topics for investigation will include bowls, lidded containers and/or hollow forms. This topic could be a one or two day class or part of a traditional turning class. I invite you to explore form, texture, color, and to challenge the growth of your own untapped self-expression. Venture outside your comfort zone and reach beyond your current skill level. Prerequisite: assumes some basic skills in turning.

Finishes and Finishing techniques: Projects for this class will be selected partly by the application of a particular finish to the project. Oils, shellac, lacquer, friction polishes, waxing, sanding and wood preparation will be explored. You are welcome to bring one or two of your own projects to finish.

Woodturning Classes
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